2014 New You- New Hair?

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Video Transcript
Hi, and just welcome to another quick Impressions video. Now, we’re just entering into 2014 now and everybody’s starting to think about they need to lose weight, they need to look better, so I’m guessing that some people are thinking about how they want their hair to look, how they want to change their appearance in the new year … Sorry, I thought my camera was going to fall off there … and that’s the big thing is that people aren’t always aware of what they want to do and the changes they want to make, and this is what a hairdresser’s here for.

One of the kind of mottos that we’ve had throughout our time in the salon here at Impressions in bognor regis  is that we listen, we advise, we realize, and that really isn’t just a motto. I think the really most important thing is if you’re thinking of changing your hair, you need somebody that obviously knows what they’re doing, so your husband or your wife can listen to you, but somebody that can listen to you that really knows what they’re talking about, but before they start talking, they listen first. They listen for what your fears, your concerns are about changing your hair or what problems you have with your hair with the sort of things that really just need to be got out there first and foremost, and once they’re out there and that we know what it is you’re concerned with or where you want to move towards or what you want to move away from, then we can start to advise.

Once we’ve advised, then you can think, “Well, does that sound like a good idea? A bad idea?” and once we’re at that point, then we can realize, basically we can cut your hair, we can color your hair. We can do it, but without the first two parts, without particularly the listening part and the questions that we would ask in the consultation, that’s where so often things can go wrong because you can stand up with a great haircut, but it can be one that you don’t want, so if in 2014, you are looking to change your hair or just looking to think about changing your hair, then what I’d advise is even without committing to having to have anything done, give us a call and just book a consultation, and we’re more than happy to give you 20 minutes of our time just to talk through with you your concerns about your hair.

At the end of the day, then you can either book an appointment which we’d hope you would, or you can just walk away and think about it. There’s always no pressure. What’s the point in us pressuring you? We just want you to see what we can potentially do because we’re quite confident once you’ve sat down and spoken to us, then we think you probably would book an appointment with us because you’d feel confident that we could deliver the result that you wanted, so hopefully, we’ll see you in the salon and, in the future, please just phone us and book an appointment and let’s go from there on just a consultation. If I could just wish you all a really good 2014, I hope it delivers what you want and I hope to see you in the salon sometime. Bye for now.

Our Loyalty Programs And Discounts- Go on You Know You Want To!