Wonderful Hair And Black Coffee

Hi All,

I love coffee. Black. and smooth.

I hate cheap coffee. Bitter. Horrible aftertaste.

I would prefer to have no coffee than cheap coffee.

There are coffee shops all over the place. Recently with my wife in London I refused to go in a rather well-known coffee chain

I hate their coffee!!!

I don’t drink loads of coffee… perhaps 3 cups a day.

But I love those black cups of lovely-ness.

So Whats This Got To Do With MY Hair Lee?

Well… Let me ask you…

So would you say your hairs important to you?

If you are like most women the reply is…

Hell yeah.

Would you say that there are loads of hairdressers to choose from…


And do you know that the average women go to the hairdressers

Every 11 wks!

So when you go to the hairdressers 3 times a year do you want it to be an experience you enjoy and remember?

Or something you would rather avoid?

Well, then my advice is to pay a wee bit more than you might normally.
(yes I know I would say that!)

Go for a little bit of “special brew” instead of instant coffee go for something that’s been brewed right and you are going to enjoy and savour and look forward to it next time.

See where I am going with this?

Remember experience is essential to our lives, we can get coffee or haircuts in numerous places and locations.

The point is the experience and ensuing result that deems something worthwhile.

Lee “great coffee” Boniface
Impressions hairdressing