Why Change Can Be Hard

So why it is sometimes too hard to either change hairdresser or salon or to change your hair, it be a colour or cut. What makes that difficult?
Well, I was reading something the other day and it wasn’t related to hairdressing, but it resonated with me about what can cause this for many, many clients. And it was around anxiety. And somebody was saying what is the actual core cause of anxiety. Now, what I’m about to say you may not agree with. But, related to hairdressing it’s probably very true. And they were saying the core cause of anxiety is a lack of trust. Either in self or the circumstances around you.

And if you apply it to hairdressing, if you’re looking to change you have to trust the hairdresser, the process and many other things. And if you’re looking to change hair salon, the anxiety about change is around the unknown and that is a trust thing. When it comes down to it, it is the unknown is you’re not thinking the unknown being I’m going to get the best haircut I’ve ever had, or colour, in my life. You’re thinking what if it doesn’t go right? What if it goes wrong? And, that’s trust.
So, how do you get around this? Well, there’s no magic bullet, really, in totality.

One, you can look for a recommendation. That builds some trust. You can look for salons that have been around awhile. That builds some trust because of course, if they’ve been around a while, they must be doing something right. You can, and this is something we do as well, is that, at Impressions, you take the pressure off yourself. Come in for a free consultation, with no appointment attached to it. Hairdressing or colour. And you can just talk to the hairdresser in that case, me or Claire, and see if it feels a good fit. Because then you can utilise your instincts to see if it’s a good fit for you.

And that’s another thing, a good fit for you. There are many great salons out there, but it’s not always a case of having the right fit for you. For example, I’ll say here, we’re a small salon. The way I like to run things these days is just two of us in the salon. So, people like one-to-one service a more intimate atmosphere, a feeling of one-to-one communication. They’re going to love it here because we’re going to do great hairdressing. But, the atmosphere they’re in is very intimate. Somebody that wants to come and be amongst a bigger salon, more people, to use a word, buzz, might not found it’s right for them.

And, that’s what you kind of find out if you came in just for a consultation. If that is the right fit for you. So, there is the sort of things that you can do to build that trust.

And, the final thing is, if you are coming into a salon, a new salon or a new hairdresser, what’s the depth of their consultation? We always say consultation is key Now, of course, you’ve got to be able to perform the actual job. You got to be able to cut hair. You got to be able to colour hair. You got to be able to do all that. But the analogy I often use is like if you you’re going to paint a wall, you better make sure that your ladder is up against the right wall. Because, if it’s not, you can do the most perfect job in the world, but it’s still on the wrong wall. And that’s the thing. Many people get great technical hair because we see them in here. Where somebody’s coming from another salon, it’s a great haircut. There’s nothing technically wrong with it. But the client doesn’t like it because it wasn’t what they asked for. And this starts at the consultation. And that’s the only way to reduce anxiety and build trust through great consultation. That takes away the unknown factors, takes away any misunderstandings, as much as humanly possible. And means your more likely, humanly possible to get what you want.

So, if you’re thinking about either changing hair salons or changing hairstyle and you’re anxious, think about trust.
How can you build up more trust? And, of course, if you want to come to Impressions and build that trust if you’ve never been before, another thing we would do for you to build that little bit more trust is we know it’s difficult to change as I’ve said.

So, we give you 50% off you’re first cut and blow-dry with us.
So, you even save some money while you’re doing that trust-building phase.

Anyway, my name’s Lee Boniface. I hope this has helped you think in the new year how you can get the hairdressing that you want without any anxiety and enjoy the whole experience.