Welcome To Impressions Hairdressing

You and your hair.

Hair for women and increasingly for men is more than just hair it is an external representation of who they are inside.

Love in the hair is more than a word or concept, it runs through out the salons philosophy we know we are not just doing hair, were creating an experience for you to look and feel great about not only your hair but yourself as a person.

We also acknowledge the impact we can have on your overall well being consider these findings from a recent survey

One in five women has argued with their partner because they were having a bad hair day!

One in 20 woman have called in sick so they do not have to face their work mates with a bad hair day

8% of woman have cancelled a date in fear of scaring off the person with the state of there hair!!

How important is your Hair to you?

  • Is it important enough to want a professional consultation?
  • Is it important enough to want to be advised on hair products that will help maintain the condition and look of your hair?
  • Is it important enough that you want to be treated as an individual? Is it important enough to have a hair style that compliments who you want to be?
  • How can impressions help you feel great and look great?

Our focus is totally on you getting the hair cut or colour that you desire while at the same time knowing how important it is that you are feeling relaxed and being treated as a individual, the way we achieve this is quite simple………..

  • We employ people that like people!!!
  • We conduct a professional consultation to discover more about your needs and expectation.
  • We regularly train and update our team at London training academy’s.
  • We know you always have a choice