The Tale Of The Supermarket Hair Colour Zombie…

When George A. Romero the modern father of the Zombie film was asked why he set his films in places like ..
Shopping malls ect…
His reply was that he felt Zombies would revert to old habits and patterns like walking around shopping centres.

I am often reminded of this when I walk into supermarkets and pass the hair colour aisle.
Rows of women all slack-jawed staring at the hundreds of boxes of colour…
Oh, the agony of choice..

In some cases, I have stopped to help drag them out of their zombie state.
I have got questions like…
-Will this one cover my grey?
-Should I choose a colour the same as my eyebrows?

And the list goes on…

The look of these ladies is similar to mine when frog marched into DIY stores..
Overwhelm and confusion.

I get it colouring at home delivers..

Convenience and a cheaper price.

However, the wrong choice of colour often means..

-Low levels of colour coverage.
-Colours that are too dark

Plus the whole performance of applying the colour at home.
Though I know many a husband that has been trained up in the procedure over the years 🙂

So if colouring your own hair has just become too scary.

Or your standing in the supermarket hoping I might turn up to help you.
(unlikely as my wife will confirm, I avoid supermarkets like the plague)

Pop along to Impressions in Bognor Regis and have a chat about your colour needs.
Consultations are absolutely free.

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