The Question We Ask To Make Sure You Leave The Salon Thrilled

One of the biggest frustrations is going into a hair salon
and not getting the haircut that you want.

That’s one of our biggest frustrations because, of course, if
that happens, we don’t keep as many customers, and we
are not as busy as we want to be.

These days, it’s just Claire and myself; we like to keep it small. But when I had a bigger team, I used to do training and ask a question.

When we were doing consultation training, the question was when they asked a question to a potential client, and they got an answer, I used to ask them.

How do you know that you know?

Because the most significant factor that will stop you as a customer from getting the haircut you want is rarely the hairdresser’s ability.

Sometimes it is, and sometimes the colour isn’t right.

Sometimes the cut could be better.

But more often than not, there is an assumption made either by the client, the hairdresser, or both. And that assumption, if wrong, means that
you’re already starting the journey, going in a different direction.

It’s like setting your hairdressing satnav, but you already put it to the wrong postcode.

When a customer says, ” Oh, I want X-Y-Z-I, ” I ask myself, how do I know that I know?

And if I still need to get more evidence for my assumption, I ask another question. And this is important these days because we live such fast-paced lives.

Clients often come into the salon fast-paced, and it’s almost like, come on then, Lee, crack on. And they say, well, this is what I want. And I ask myself, how do I know that I know?

So I ask another question.

Sometimes in this day and age, that can really
irritate clients because they want to get on, but I ask another question until I’ve got as much evidence as I need.

And then sometimes I feed what I have heard back to a client.

I ask, so you said, so is this what you meant?

And if they give a thumbs up…

And my evidence matches theirs.

We are good to go.

I have a much better chance of delivering the haircut they want because the assumption is the biggest killer, I think, of potentially great haircuts
or colours for clients.

So let’s play that game.

If I say to you, think of an elephant. Got a picture of an elephant?

I’ve got a picture of an elephant.

My picture is of a pink elephant.

What was yours? I bet it wasn’t a pink elephant. If you had asked me what colour my elephant was, I would have told you it was pink.:)

Now, that’s a silly example, but that is where assumptions do kill great haircuts or colours. And if, as a client, not got the result you want from a visit to the hairdresser, as I said earlier, it may not have been down to a lack of technical finesse.

But in a lot of cases when people come into us from other salons, it’s not it’s been an assumption made on either end of either the client or the
hairdresser or both that’s caused the problem.

So that question, how do you know that you know? Is key.

Because if you go out happy. We’re happy because you’re more likely
to return to us as clients.

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