The Hairdresser’s Time Machine: Why Professional Hair Coloring Matters

Hello, Lee here from Impressions Hairdressing. Today I will delve into a topic many of our clients often wonder – why is professional hair colour better than doing it at home?

I know; I can almost hear you saying, “Lee, of course, you’d say it’s about the colour quality, its durability, and all that jazz.” But let me share an interesting story to illustrate my point.

One day, a client of ours, a dedicated DIY hair colour enthusiast, asked me why professional hair colour was superior. Instead of listing the usual reasons, I told her we had a time machine.

Naturally, she was baffled and thought I’d gone bonkers. Let me explain what I meant.

Imagine you’re sitting in our salon, we’re doing your hair, and I tell you that as your hair whitens and your skin tones change with time, I can anticipate how light your hair needs to be. I playfully call this forecasting ability our time machine.

For example, my wife, who started colouring her hair early due to her family’s predisposition to going grey quite young, has significantly lightened her hair over time. Had I shown her a decade ago, using my hypothetical time machine, how light her hair would become, she would never have believed me.

So, how does this affect you? It’s simple. When doing a client’s hair, we consider their current hair colour and future hair journey, factoring in inevitable ageing. This foresight enables us to create a colour that evolves beautifully with time and changing skin tones.

People colouring their own hair often need to pay attention to this point. They choose a colour that suits them now, but their hair and skin tone change as time passes, making the colour less flattering.

It’s as if their personal time machine gets stuck, and they continue to perceive themselves as they were, not as they are.

Your body, skin, and hair don’t get stuck in time. They move forward, whether you acknowledge it or not. Without a “time machine” or the professional expertise to recognize this, you may find that your hair colour no longer matches you, leading to issues like regrowth or hair that looks too dark.

So, do we at Impressions Hairdressing own a real-time machine? Obviously not. But our experience and expertise let us see where your hair is headed and advise you accordingly so you can avoid getting stuck in time.

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Feel free to contact us, and let’s embark on a hair journey together!

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