Sales Free Zone At Impressions

Every salon you visit you will pretty much be surrounded by retail products.
Styling products.
Impressions used to do this too.

But I noticed something.
When I started advising people on what they should use on their hair.
Clients kinda became closed.
Arms crossed.
Furtive looks at the retail stand.
I could see them waiting for the sales onslaught.

So these days impressions is a retail free zone.
If I think what you are using on your hair is rubbish….
I will say..
Because we are here to help you get the very best from your hair.
If you want our recommendations.
We will give them.
And where you can purchase.
Our advice is included in every visit.

But the only thing your buying is our time.
We want you to feel relaxed and once removed from the never ending merry go round of people selling you stuff.