Re-Opening From 4TH Of July What You Need To Know...

Basically... Whats Different 🙂

Face Mask Update- 1st August. PLEASE READ.

After the government’s announcement our policy has to change on face masks from…
Us wearing visors and the customer having the choice to wear face masks
Us wearing visors. However, all customers MUST wear face masks while in the salon.
1. Please understand that we have plenty of face masks so if you forget yours we can supply you with one.
2. If you are concerned about wearing a face mask due to health implications please talk to us.. We are here to help.

As I have mentioned to many of you over the last 4 weeks, I always felt we would likely go over to customers wearing face masks in the salon when we arrived into the autumn and winter season so it’s just a case of implementing this earlier than first thought.

Any questions please ask away.

Covid-19 Procedures Walkthrough Video.

So We Are Opening Saturday 4th Of July
What Should You Do?
What Will It Be Like?

Updated 23rd Of July 2020.

We have pretty much caught up after numerous long hours and 7 day weeks 🙂
Online booking will be switched on from Tuesday 4th of August.

If you have not visited the salon since the 4th of July please either watch our videos above or read about our Covid-19 procedures to keep you safe.
Thank you.

Booking Appointments

Initially, online booking will remain closed while we deal with the initial flurry of activity.
Moving forward the only way to make appointments will be either online or by phoning the salon on 01243 828345


When Coming For Your Appointment.

Please be aware sadly we can not have people waiting in the salon if you are early and Lee or Claire have not finished their previous appointment, we won’t be able to let you in the salon till the previous client has left the salon.

The only exception to this will be couples/families that live together.

When you arrive the salon door will be locked please knock and one of the team will let you in.
You will be directed to either Lees or Claires chairs.

You will be given a personal pack with a disposable Gown, Disposable towel and your own personal facemask.

Claire and I will be wearing a face visor

Lee And Claire will conduct the consultation from 1 metre and will be wearing a face visor.

We will then gown you up with your disposable one-use gown and towel.
We will then shampoo your hair and proceed with the service.

Only one person will be shampooed at a time so that you are not next to someone else.

After we have finished your cut or colour we will direct you to a spot 2 metres distance from the desk.
Next appointments can be made.
Payment is taken, we will hand you the card machine payments of £45 or under can be done contactless.
We still accept cash.

COVID-19 Service Charge

We will be levying a voluntary COVID-19 service charge of £2 per client per visit to cover the high cost of disposable gowns, towels and we won’t be able to do the same volume of clients due to sanitisation
This charge will reduce as costs do and all clients have the right to opt-out if they feel we are profiteering

Sanitisation Before Each Appointment.

Before the next client can be seen the hair section will be sanitised.
Combs and brushes sanitised.
Card machine and desk wiped down.

We sadly will not have any magazines, jelly babies or drinks available in the salon for the foreseeable future.

End Of Day Sanitisation.

Each night we will deep clean all areas ready for the next day.

As you can see very different.
I feel due to the size of the salon in comparison to only Claire and I working in it and the measures outlined we have hopefully will give our clients the confidence and comfort that I think is so important in these strange times.


Lee Boniface
Salon Director.