Insurgent Hair Alert… Tris Gets A Haircut

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I have a guilty pleasure that I am going to share with you…..

The divergent series of films.. never even looked at the books..
to be honest never heard of them till the film

I am not even there target audience.

Went and saw the first film and found myself hooked It was

And weirdly moving

A guilty pleasure was born

Forget the hobbit… very weird hair styles though

Soo fast forward to March 2015 and we have the
second installment Insurgent and not only do I get to see probably
a action packed film I get to
look at Shailene Woodley who plays Tris her fantastic new haircut

Now I know many women either dont want to rock
a short haircut or perhaps lack the confidence for that kind of change


As statements go and to get heads to turn- Its A No Brainer!
Of course short hair has to be cut really well
(you do come to Impressions right?)

Nothing beats the from longer to something shorter and sassy look
to get heads turning and you feeling soo confident and alive.

As I say not for everyone.

Lifes never about one size fits all.

We get that.

However I shall be loving the film and taking some
mental hair notes when I hopefully see the film on thursday (19.03.2015)
just in case any of you are wanting to burst into spring with a new


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