Impressions Low Chat Initiative

Here at impressions we like to think we are a friendly bunch. That you will always be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.

Yet we are aware of many customers can find a visit to the hairdresser quite stressful. Or even unwanted.

What we tend to find these customers want is a clear concise consultation (always at impressions)

Then to sit with a magazine, phone or whatever pleases them and…
Relax and….
Say very little.
No talking about holidays.
They say…”Just give me a great haircut or colour and time to myself” and I will be a happy shopper.

We just want to say we hear you. And please understand due to many of our customers loving not only getting great hair advice but chatting about all in sundry… but if for you, it’s too much like mindless chatting for your tastes and we haven’t noticed the look that says very politely…

Shut Up or words to that effect.

Please let us know.(we won’t be offended) We are ok with zen-like silence. We want you to be comfortable at Impressions Hairdressing.