I Hate Star Wars But Love Mandalorian

When I was growing up I was a Star Trek guy never got my friends fevered passion for Star Wars.

In recent years the Disney Star Wars films have reached legendary status in the Boniface household.
Because every time I go to a Star Wars film I swear I will never watch another one, then the hype for the next film begins I go to that film, and the cycle of self-abuse goes on…. 🙂

So I don’t like Star Wars.
There I said it.
Then in Lockdown, we took out a months subscription for Disney Plus to watch Pixar Soul (brilliant by the way)

I began watching The Mandalorian a Disney Stars Wars spin-off…

I love it …
Season one done.
Two more to go
I love the characters I love the storyline I love the subtle humour…

It’s weird how you might not like a thing but with a subtle twist or change, you do…

We get people who come into the salon and they say I would never have a fringe… I hate fringes.
I ask when they last had a fringe and the reply…

Oh, when I was 5 and my mum cut it for me. 🙂

Or I hate my hair coloured because the last time it went weird when my friend who works in Mc Donalds did it 🙂

All I am saying is when you are looking at change remember the past does not always equal the future.
If you don’t like a thing, that’s fine.

However sometimes with a tweak or two something that wasn’t a possibility suddenly is.

Bye for now

Lee “Star Wars” Boniface