How We Make Your Hairstyle Feel Like You.

Curiosity is a great strength, I think, in a hairdresser. And the reason I believe this is it’s a form of caring to be curious.

I’ll give you an example. When somebody comes into the salon, and we askā€¦.

What do you do with your hair?

Somebody might turn around and say, I put my hair up.

One of the questions I ask is the eight out of 10 rule, and the eight out of 10 rule is this.

1 being never 10 being every day.

How often do you wear your hair up?

So clients will give me a score. They will say three out of 10, Or they might say eight out of 10.

Now dependent on that reply. The type of styles or haircuts that I might suggest will differ significantly.

Now you might think that this sounds pretty obvious.

But if you step back from this a little bit, when the client first came in, you could think that she was the same as every client that wears their hair up.

It’s not until you get a little bit more curious that you begin to see the nuances and differences.

I often say that people are similar, but not the same.

And too often, I think people get lumped into a hairdressing box, labelled either long hair short hair. At the end of the day, there isn’t enough individuality when that occurs.

When the hairdresser shows curiosity towards you, which is a form of caring for you.

You’re much more likely to get a haircut tailored to you and the lifestyle you live, and the likes and dislikes you have.

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