How To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Great Haircut By Over 50%⁣

When out socially over the years being a hairdresser can be an up there with being a Docter when you tell someone what you do…⁣

The stories tumble forth of haircuts or colours that were not quite right.⁣
Now, of course, the first thing to consider in these situations is ⁣

Was the hairstylist qualified or any good?⁣


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.⁣

But beyond that when you talk to people a pattern seems to begin to take shape…⁣

People generally not being listened too.⁣

Now, of course, some people might say but aren’t the hairdressers the experts?⁣

My reply to this is…⁣

A great hair cut is as a result of what WE know and what YOU like.⁣

What we know is based around suitability, face shape, hair type, head shape and many more factors.⁣

But what you like is your preferences your passions and the things you really don’t like.⁣

With a great consultation, you can get clear on the areas and issues to avoid, like cutting hair too short or fringes that make people not want to go out for a week or two!⁣

Then apply the knowledge in the correct places.⁣

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it….⁣

But believe me, in 40 years of hairdressing assuming the hairdresser is of a good standard the chances of the haircut being what you want will increase or decrease significantly due to the effectiveness of the consultations. ⁣

And before you think it. I apply this to myself.⁣
This is why this year we increased my cut and blowdry appointment times.⁣
To really make sure we have the time to start right so we increase the chance significantly of giving you the result you want.⁣

It ain’t a perfect science but its more likely to work than a stylist making a broad guess and doing what they want or think versus what you actually want.⁣