Getting More For Less Money From Your Hair Stylist

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One of the odder questions I get asked at first glance is

Why can’t I have a senior stylist at junior stylist

Whilst to many might think this unreasonable it reveals human natures need to get the very best with
The least risk or cost

If you look at us as a species it’s all been about
Maximum gain and minimum risk

Whilst it’s true that not all senior stylists are
Great or that all junior stylists are bad, the
Point still remains if the world was perfect

We would have the very best car house or holiday
But at half the actual value we would be happy

Ah but the world does not spin that way.

You get what you pay for


Well 99% of the time you would be right

But here at impressions we like to spin against the grain

We want to be able to offer the wealth of our experiance as senior stylists at junior stylist rates

Have we gone mad ?
Are we desperate?


We love variety, we love new clients

But the way impressions is run we only employ senior
Stylists. That’s our call. That’s our stuff

But that excludes lots of potential customers we would love to meet and who might wNt to meet us.


Enter standby appointments..

Standby appointments offer you us at junior stylist rates

Ok what’s the catch?

Well standby is done on short term appointments but as they say their has to be a downside to every up side.

Want to know more about standby click the link below

Great.. Just Fill Out Your First Name And A Good Email And We Will Do The Rest....

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