Getting Grey Hair? Should You Colour It?


Video transcript. Should You Color Your Hair To Hide Your Grey?

Hi. I know this isn’t the usual video quality I get to use in our videos on the salon, but I just wanted to share something with you while I was thinking about it.
One of my clients just came into the salon and they asked a question that we are always getting asked, which is, “I’ve got some grey hair. Should I or shouldn’t I color my hair?” Now you’d probably expect me to say, “Yes” as a hairdresser. But I tend to say one simple question and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Do you want to look younger, or don’t you want to look younger?
There’s nothing wrong with white hair. White hair is a natural part of us mostly getting older. It happens. Our skin tones are in line with that. Some people can look stunning with white hair. The problem is that, unfortunately, it’s also associated with aging, as we well know. You’ve only got to look at any actor or actress on television. They moment they want to look old, they whack in a whole load of grey hair to look older. Not only is it usually a sign of aging, it’s also associated in our society as a sign of aging.
That is a question I always ask. I always say, “Well, look. No one’s got to color their hair, but if you’re going to color it, do you want to look younger?” If the question is yes, or if the answer is yes, then really you got to look at, potentially, the ways you could color your hair. I’m not going to go into that on this video, because we don’t tend to give out technical advice on videos because it can get misunderstood.
Just broadly, once your decision is made that that’s going to be the case, then what I’d always advise, this salon or any other, is come in for a free consultation and see what your options are before you go and whack something on yourself and realize that it’s gone way too dark and then you’re in real trouble. Believe you me that’s nearly 90% of what happens.
If you’re thinking about coloring your hair, then pop in along to Impressions and we can give you a free consultation. We can chat to you about what are the options for your hair. I just thought I’d share this. Sorry about the video quality and the echoiness. Just turned the music off in the salon and just thought I’d share this with you while I was thinking about it. Anyway, bye for now.