Ever Wondered How To Get A Hairstyle You Love?

Well, combine these two things to get
A long-lasting haircut that you love.

Suitability + Likeability

What do we mean?

Well, it’s possible to have a great haircut and not like it.

Weird right… Let me explain.

That’s what we call at Impressions, suitability.
The technical aspects of a haircut, face shape, hair type, that sort of thing.

Very important.


Without likability, which are your likes and dislikes.

A haircut runs the risk of being technically sound but not how you, the customer, likes it.

So what we do at Impressions Hairdressing is…

We combine suitability and likeability.

So you get a great haircut. However, we deliver an in-depth consultation to make sure the hair cut not only suits your hair and face shape, but your lifestyle and you likes and avoids your dislikes.

Want to learn more about how you could be enjoying a long-lasting haircut that you love?

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