Discovering Your Ideal Hairstyle: A Creative Approach

Discovering Your Ideal Hairstyle: A Creative Approach

Introduction: Meet Lee from Impressions Hairdressing

Hello, I’m Lee from Impressions Hairdressing. In today’s blog post, we’re diving into a topic that puzzles many: How do you best decide on a new hairstyle for yourself? This post is based on the process I use in consultations, which might be incredibly useful for you.

Embracing Creativity First

Walt Disney’s approach to creativity and practicality has been an inspiration for this method. Disney separated his creative team from the practical thinkers to ensure creativity wasn’t stifled. Similarly, when contemplating a new hairstyle, start with creativity. Look for pictures and styles that you absolutely love, without worrying about practicality. This is your time to dream and envision without limits!

Transitioning to Practical Considerations

Once you’ve explored your creative desires, it’s time to consider the practical aspects with your stylist. This involves looking at whether the style is feasible for your lifestyle and if you can maintain it at home. The key is to strike a balance between what you love and what actually works for you.

Finding the Middle Ground

Success in hairdressing lies in finding a balance between practicality and creativity. A purely practical approach might lead you back to your current style, while an overly creative choice might look great in the salon but be hard to maintain. The goal is to find a style that excites you but is also manageable in your daily life.

Tailoring to Your Personality

Depending on whether you’re a ‘blue sky thinker’ or a practical thinker, adjust your approach. If you lean towards creativity, add a bit of practical thinking to your process. Conversely, if you’re usually practical, allow yourself to dream a little more.

Consultation at Impressions Hairdressing

At Impressions Hairdressing, we love working with clients on this journey. Whether you’re a new or returning client, we start by exploring what you love – no limits or practical concerns at first. Then, we gradually narrow down to what will work specifically for you.

Special Offer: A Personalized Experience

If you’re interested in exploring a new hairstyle and want a personalized experience, Impressions Hairdressing offers 50% off your first cut and blow dry with us. We’ll guide you through the process I’ve described, ensuring you end up with a hairstyle you’re thrilled with.

Conclusion: Ready for a Change?

I hope this post has inspired you to approach your hairstyle change creatively. Remember, the perfect hairstyle for you is one that balances creativity with practicality and is tailored to your personal style and lifestyle. If you’re ready to explore, we’re here to help. Bye for now!