Consultation A Structure For Customer Care

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Every salon these days tells you that you will get a in depth

What does this exactly mean?

Well I can only explain from how I see it.

Ever since I opened Impressions nearly 25 years ago
my obsession was the clarity of communication with the customer.

This was fueled by what I saw within my industry as a
very slack attitude to discovering  what the customer
actually wants.

So back to the original question what is consultation

Well heres my definition….

Structured Caring.

Let me explain with an analogy.

Their is a man in hospital he has to sadly have a leg
amputated the surgeon is a caring and very skilled individual however
has no system to work to and does not ask the obvious

And when he operates he removes the wrong leg!!

The surgeon cares passionately
  He Is a great surgeon

Is the man with the wrong leg removed happy?

I think not.

My point is most hairdressers these days can cut hair
most hairdressers think they know what a consultation is.

But without a structure for that caring (a system to work to)
the customer still stands a very good chance of getting
a technically great haircut that they don’t  like or don’t want

Here at impressions we have honed our consultations to
structure our concern and caring into a process that
cuts to the core of what you want so that we greatly
improve the reality of you the customer getting what you

Bottom line we believe is if you start right then you will finish right.

A unstructured consultation often leads to unwanted and unloved hair cuts.

Want consistently great hair. Pop along to us at Impressions receive a great consultation followed by a lovely cut or colour.

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