Beyond Being A Mum

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Mother’s Day always a big Sunday in the uk. Rightly so too.

Mums deserve that day in the limelight, well to be fair more than a day and anyway…

Mums rule right?

But it’s a role for life. I love watching my wife with my 17 year old son Zak and my daughter Ellie

From the moment she gets up she’s concerned with everything from if they have eaten to in my sons life remembering all sorts of things he has to do

Sound familiar?

My mum the other day rang to make sure I had got home ok from visiting them in chichester and I live in bognor and iam 50 years old. I guess the job never ends

But all jobs and roles however important or rewarding need time off or out

Would you agree?

Every great role or job needs some me time. I think mums especially as their role is 24/7 even if your kids have left home your still worrying and thinking about them

So here at impressions we would love to reward some mums for being great mums by giving them a top pamper cut and finish with a senior stylist at no cost to them

Yep you heard me… Free…. Zilch… For nothing

Anyhoo You get the picture….

So how do you get your free cut and finish?

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