50 Shades Of Valentines Day

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Dont know if you noticed but its valentines day on Saturday!!

You would have to be in a lead box not to notice especially
with the cunning timing of 50 shades of grey being released

Now I am not saying I am the majority here and I could be
accused of being unromantic but…

I would prefer to be at home catching up with broadchurch

I would love to tell you here at impressions we are in
a valentines mood of romance but this would be a little
far from the truth.

Nothing makes us feel less romantic than having you must Be
romantic shoved right under our noses.

Every shop telling you to go and do something romantic,
it just happens to mean buying what ever they are selling

Its given me much joy watching various types of businesses
try and attach their products to valentines day with
varying degrees of success.

But hey before you get the miserable stick out and beat me
with it, I do love a bit of romance but I do believe
first and foremost you have to feel good about yourself
before you can share the love.

I mean if you don’t look and feel your best do you feel romantic
and sexy?

Hmm I thought not.

Now our area of expertise is hair.. now what woman does not
feel more romantic and sexy with fantastic looking hair?

See what I am doing here… connecting valentines day
with my services….
If you cant beat them join them I say, ha ha.

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Bye for now

lee “romantic guy” Boniface

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