3 Things To Avoid In 2017 To Have Great Hair

 I’m just going to share with you three things you should really avoid in 2017, if you want to have great hair. These aren’t the only three things, but they are the things that would help quite a lot.

Number One.

Luckily most hairdressers these days are pretty good technically, if your paying a fair price … . Hurrah.

Some hairdressers do not give good consultations though. The problem  with that is, its a bit like getting your room painted well but the wrong colour. You could look at a wall and you go, “It’s perfect. There’s no overlap. There’s nothing, but its the wrong colour.” That’s what happens in hairdressing if you get a bad consultation. You may get a great haircut, a great colour, but it may be the wrong haircut and it may be the wrong colour. It all begins at the consultation, and so many salons have great hairdressers that do, to put it bluntly, rubbish consultations.

That’s number one, get yourself a salon or a hairdresser that gives you a great consultation. Obviously, a great haircut and colour as well.

Number Two.

You may have a great hair product but the wrong hairstyle, or colour, or hair type to go with that product. What do I mean? Again, most products on the market, apart from the really cheap and nasty ones, are pretty good. But what we find is, quite often, people are using the wrong type of product for either their hair type or the hairstyle they’ve got. People get stuck.

They might, say, for many moons, used a mousse because that’s what they used 10 years ago. They’ve changed hairstyles, but they’ve kept using a mousse, or they’re using a  wax, but their hair’s changed and now … Something to look at is, just to step back from your habits and say, “I’ve been using that hair product for X, Y, Z years, does it work now for the hairstyle or the hair type I’ve got?”

Ask your hairdresser. Even if it’s a product you buy yourself, you don’t buy from your hairdresser’s, talk to your hairdresser. They should still talk about it. Say, “Well, I’ve been using this. Is that the sort of thing you would use on the hairstyle, my hair type, or the style I’ve got, or my fineness, or my thickness of hair?” Find out, because you may be quite surprised that you’re using a hair product … It may be great, but it might be the wrong hair product for your type of hair or your type of hairstyle.

Number Three.

Finally, number three. Don’t get caught in a time warp. As we get older, we tend to stay and think that time’s standing still. This is particularly relevant with hair colour. We get clients coming into us and going, “I want my hair … Because my hair, I was this colour then.” The harsh reply, which doesn’t always go down well, is, “Yeah, but you’re not that colour now.” People say, “When I was 25, my hair was brown, so I want my hair brown.” And you say, “Well yeah, but you’re 55 and now you’ve got quite a bit of white hair, I’m sorry to tell you, so we’ve got to do a colour that suits you now.” Because times moving like that and if your standing still, you’re getting left behind.

You basically have to move with time. You always have to move to stand still, is a way of explaining it. Don’t get caught in a time warp because that’s … Now again, that’s very easily done if your doing your own colours, always have a second opinion. Even if you’re doing your own hair colour, a good hairdresser shouldn’t mind still giving you advice, even if you’re doing your own hair colour. As long as you don’t mind, in our case, some truthful advice, but advice all the same.

I hope these three things have made you think about what sort of things could help you have great hair in 2017. Bye for now. Oh, one thing, if you’re really interested in having great hair for 2017, haven’t mentioned, we do hairdressing here at Impressions Hairdressing. If that’s interesting to you, we offer a 50% discount on your first cut and finish with us.