Hello. Today we’re going to be talking about standby times. You may be wondering what standby times are. Well, the reason we do them is because as a salon we have busy times and we have quiet times. We have our standard price. However, when we have quiet times we can, if we’re not doing so much, obviously we can offer some of our services, normally a cut and blow dry, at a reduced rate.

What Is Standby?

Think of it like hotels, really. A hotel has a rack rate and then if they have a quiet time or whatever they do a deal. That’s what standby is. It’s great for people that want to get a quality haircut with a senior stylist at a reduced price.

How does standby work?

Well, the way it will work for Impressions is you’d have to sign up below to get the text alerts and when we have standby time we will text out an alert. The alert will have on it what the discount is, for instance, cut and blow dry 20 pounds, how long it’s valid for from that text. You normally it will be 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours. Also what to quote when you contact us. It would be like standby time and a code. Then all you’d have to do is just contact us with that code within that time frame. We book you in and you’d get the cut an blow dry or service at that cost.
It’s quite simple, really.

Whats The Downsides Of Standby

The downside is that we can never tell you when standby times are going to be and obviously it’s a lot easier for you than continually ringing the cell to see when they are to opt in below. It is a simple process. You just have to give your name and mobile number. That’s the way we will contact you. There will be a contact just to confirm that you want to opt in. You opt into the list and then that list is what we will send out the standby times to as and when they come up each week or each month.
If you’re fairly flexible in your availability and you want a really good value for money haircut in that you’re going to be getting, from Impressions at least, a senior stylist who is doing your hair at a reduced rate and you’re fairly flexible, do this also.

Share The Standby Love!

This offer is open to regular and new customers and also it can be shared. If you receive the text and you don’t need your hair cut or whatever the offer is but you think somebody else might do in that 24 hour or 48 hour window, then forward the text to them and they can do it instead. It’s fairly easy, fairly straightforward. If you’ve got any questions, just ring us on 01243 828345 and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you. Bye for now.

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