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11th May -2nd Update. CLARIFICATION

This is not the news I wanted but it looks like or less there is a dramatic change the earliest any salon can reopen would be July 4th.I must stress that would be the earliest NOT the date of re-opening.

I will contact all clients with bookings to rearrange.

If you want to make a booking in place please message me.

Update 11th May.

The salon is still closed. When will we reopen?

Well, the prime minister’s statement was clear as mud.

We are working to find out what is the earliest we will be able to open and then…

We will move present bookings to that date and beyond and take bookings too.

Please we apologise but government guidance has been very poor.
We will update as soon as we have clear and concise instruction.

Feel Free To Message Us With Any Questions Or Call The Salon For Further Instruction 01243828345

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Update Saturday 25th April

In the salon, today prepping for the day when we re-open.
thinking about what government advice will be and just as importantly what we will need to do to reassure clients when we reopen.

  1. The first step has been to remove many of the chairs in the salon.
  2. We have disposable towels and gowns.
  3. Next, we will apply some tape near the reception to make clear where people should stand when paying.
  4. More than likely when we re-open the door will be locked and we will let one client in at a time.
  5. We have removed all magazines and sadly for the foreseeable future, no complimentary beverages will not be served.
  6. Every section will be sanitised after every appointment.
  7. Payment up to £45 can be done contactless and will be wiped down after every use.
  8. Mask use is more than likely to reassure clients, we are presently in the process of sourcing ppe.
  9. Initially, when we have an open date we will be expanding our opening days and times.

The above may seem strange and extreme but I have said for some time now the coronavirus will and has created many new normals and the above points are our way of adapting to give our clients the reassurance they need when we finally reopen.
If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Salon Update Tuesday 21st April.

Obviously still closed as we start our next block of lockdown.
This should take us to May 7th.
Of course, no one knows what will happen.
Below here is some of what is happening in the meantime.

  1. We are taking bookings for mid-May onwards.
    If we re-open earlier than mid-May, we will endeavour to move those appointments made later to an earlier slot.
    If we open later we will call to reschedule to a later date.
  2. We are planning to remove some of the chairs from the salon to make social distancing easy to follow.
  3. We will also likely be wearing face masks to limit any potential spread of the virus to our clients.
  4. We will continue with our pre lockdown procedures to ensure client confidence.
  5. When we re-open we will open extra days and times to alleviate any potential inconvenience to our clients.

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment please either message us on Facebook
Or call the salon on 01243 828345 and follow the instructions on the recorded message.
To keep control of bookings we presently have online booking turned off.

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Update 07.04.20

I have just done a short video update for clients of Impressions hairdressing.

It covers….

  1. What’s happening with future appointments
  2. What we are doing about booking appointments
  3. How we are dealing with the uncertainty of when we will re-open
  4. Why we don’t have our online booking live at the moment.

UPDATE 24.03.2020

As you well know the salon is closed due to lockdown.
Originally we said for two weeks from the 23rd of March which would have meant we reopened April 6th.
I now feel it could be a week to two weeks longer than that.
So with that in mind, we will contact you as your prebooked appointments are coming due to re-book.
Keep well and look forward to seeing lots of long hair and wonky fringes 🙂


In light of the recent and ongoing outbreak of the (Covid-19) Coronavirus, Impressions Hairdressing would like to reassure our clients that we have put additional steps in place in the salon.

Listed below are the measures we have put in place to ensure that our Clients and stylists Lee & Claire stay as safe as possible during this time…

  1. Hand Sanitizer is available at our reception.
  2. All towels are laundered twice a week and only used once per client gowns have been removed from the salon until further notice – these have been replaced with disposable versions (these are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly).
  3. Anti-Bacterial handwash has replaced our normal hand wash in all toilets and will remain in place.
  4. Every section is cleaned post haircut or colour with antibacterial wipes this includes chairs used plus washbasin area
  5. We will ensure that the credit card machines are cleaned regularly using anti-bacterial wipes as well as high usage areas such as door handles entering the salon and throughout the salon.
  6. Though Claire and I often in the past have worked through minor illnesses, in the present circumstances if we feel unwell we will contact clients and reschedule appointments.

We are following government guidelines and are, as always, taking precautions. With that in mind, we would kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment if you have been in one of the high-risk countries such as China, Italy, or Iran or are feeling unwell.

If you need to call us, you can on 01243828345.